16.12.10 by Jeff

Lisa Hamilton

Mixed media drawings by Lisa Hamilton.

artist painter painting lisa hamilton
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08.12.10 by Jeff

Siobhan McClure

Paintings by Siobhan McClure, currently showing at Richard Heller.

artist painter painting siobhan mcclure
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06.12.10 by Jeff

Alex Asher Daniel

Paintings by Alex Asher Daniel.

artist painter painting alex asher daniel

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03.12.10 by Jeff

Jeffar Khaldi

Paintings by Jeffar Khaldi.

artist painter painting jeffar khaldi
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30.11.10 by Jeff

Jason Shawn Alexander

Drawings and paintings by Jason Shawn Alexander.

artist painter painting jason shawn alexander
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29.11.10 by Jeff

Kim Manfredi

Paintings by Kim Manfredi.

artist painter painting kim manfredi
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22.11.10 by Jeff

Dan Witz

“Mosh Pits”, paintings by Dan Witz.

mosh pits paintings dan witz painter
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19.11.10 by Jeff

Zander Blom

Incredible drawings and paintings by Zander Blom.

artist painter painting zander blom

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