28.04.11 by Jeff

Kathleen Lolley

Paintings by Kathleen Lolley.

artist painter painting kathleen lolley
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27.04.11 by Jeff

Jason Bard Yarmosky

Paintings by Jason Bard Yarmosky. New York.

Artist painter Jason Bard Yarmosky painting
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25.04.11 by Jeff

Jessica Hess

Paintings by Jessica Hess.

Artist painter Jessica Hess
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18.04.11 by Jeff

Nicholas Bohac

Paintings by Nicholas Bohac.

artist painter painting nicholas bohac
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15.04.11 by Jeff

Erik Olson

Works by Erik Olson.

artist painter painting erik olson
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15.04.11 by Jeff

Keith Shore

Paintings by Keith Shore.

artist painter painting Keith Shore
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14.04.11 by Jeff

Ann Pibal

Paintings by Ann Pibal. Brooklyn, New York.

artist painter ann pibal painting
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06.04.11 by Jeff

Annie Lapin

An interview with painter Annie Lapin courtesy of Graham Kolbeins of Future Shipwreck and the folks at New American Paintings.

artist painter painting annie lapin

Watch the video below!

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