14.10.11 by Jeff

Aaron De La Cruz

My good friend Aaron De La Cruz has been over in Hawaii preparing for his solo show at Loft In Space and pretty well painting everything in sight! The show is called “Long Walk Home” and he has actually recreated his childhood bedroom in the gallery space!

Aaron De La Cruz long walk home art show loft in space hawaii
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13.10.11 by Jeff

Tim Biskup

New paintings from Tim Biskup, his show “Former State” opens at THIS (Los Angeles) on Friday! There are rad little sculptures accompanying each of these paintings too, hence the name of the show!

Artist painter Tim Biskup
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12.10.11 by Jeff

Linda Chalmers

Paintings by Linda Chalmers.

Artist painter Linda Chalmers
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12.10.11 by Jeff

Tatiana Córdoba

Paintings by Tatiana Córdoba.

Artist illustrator Tatiana Cordoba
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11.10.11 by Jeff

Patrick Krzyzanowski

Watercolor paintings by Patrick Krzyzanowski.

Wrestling watercolor paintings by Patrick Krzyzanowski
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11.10.11 by Jeff

Max Gomez Canle

Paintings by Max Gomez Canle.

Artist painter Max Gomez Canle
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10.10.11 by Jeff

Fredrik Akum

Paintings by Fredrik Akum.

Artist painter fredrik akum paintings
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05.10.11 by Jeff

Anthony Cudahy

Drawings and paintings by Anthony Cudahy.

Drawings and paintings by artist Anthony Cudahy
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