15.07.11 by Jeff

Victor Castillo

Paintings by Victor Castillo.

Artist painter Victor Castillo paintings
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14.07.11 by Jeff

Howie Tsui / Interview

Say hello to Howie Tsui! He is one of the four Canadian artists who created work for our “Afterlife” project with Poketo. I am also giving away one of his wallets, details at the bottom!




Interview with Canadian artist painter Howie Tsui

What was it like growing up in Nigeria?

I have romantic memories about living in Nigeria.  I had this crush in Junior Kindergarten, Lindsay, who I’d bring flowers to.  I had this bilingual African Grey parrot Oscar, that I’d always talk to. We had a chauffeur and a maid.  There were violent thunderstorms, high fevers and the resultant hallucinations of melting Disney characters.  Someone in our complex had a Bruce Lee figure on their motorbike license plate.  I watched a lot of anime and kung-fu dramas sent to us by my uncle. I went to an American International School and our class looked like a Benetton ad.

Sorry it’s all in fragments. Just digging through the banks.  Regardless, the irony is that I thought this was a magical wonderful place, while my mom was very paranoid that I’d get kidnapped and would pick me up everyday from school. We also had to get out because there was political instability and the airport had been taken over by a rebel faction.

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14.07.11 by Jeff

Leyva Omero

Drawings by Leyva Omero.

drawings by Artist Leyva Omero
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13.07.11 by Jeff

Steven Yazzie

Paintings by Steven Yazzie.

Artist painter Steven Yazzie
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12.07.11 by Jeff

Marie Aly

Paintings by Marie Aly. Berlin, Germany.

Artist painter Marie Aly paintings
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12.07.11 by Jeff

Charles Browning

Paintings by Charles Browning.

Artist painter Charles Browning painting
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12.07.11 by Jeff

Charles Glaubitz

Paintings by Charles Glaubitz.

Artist Charles Glaubitz painter paintings
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07.07.11 by Jeff

Lisa Sanditz

Paintings by Lisa Sanditz.

Artist painter Lisa Sanditz paintings
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