22.06.11 by Jeff

Philippe Chabot

Paintings by Philippe Chabot. (Showing at The Cheaper Show!)

Artist painter Philippe Chabot
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20.06.11 by Jeff

Joseba Eskubi

Paintings by Joseba Eskubi.

Artist painter Joseba Eskubi painting
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20.06.11 by Jeff

Meghan Paterson

A little sneak peek of Meghan Paterson’s upcoming show at Catalog.

Artist painter Meghan Paterson painting

Watch the video below!

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17.06.11 by Jeff

Vince Contarino

Paintings by Vince Contarino. Brooklyn, New York.

Artist painter Vince Contarino
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16.06.11 by Jeff

Christine Gray

Paintings by Christine Gray.

Artist painter painting Christine Gray
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15.06.11 by Jeff

Clare Woods

Paintings by Clare Woods.

Artist painter Clare Woods paintings
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15.06.11 by Jeff

Terry Haggerty

Wall paintings by Terry Haggerty.

Artist painter Terry Haggerty paintings
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14.06.11 by Jeff

Frank Gonzales

Paintings by Frank Gonzales.

Artist painter Frank Gonzales painting
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