22.11.10 by Jeff

Dan Witz

“Mosh Pits”, paintings by Dan Witz.

mosh pits paintings dan witz painter
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19.11.10 by Jeff

Zander Blom

Incredible drawings and paintings by Zander Blom.

artist painter painting zander blom

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18.11.10 by Jeff

Jaime Gili

Paintings by Jaime Gili.

artist painter painting jaime gili
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18.11.10 by Jeff

Kate Shaw

Paintings by Kate Shaw. Melbourne, Australia.

artist painter painting kate shaw
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17.11.10 by Jeff

Tiffany Bozic

Paintings by Tiffany Bozic. Her show “Confiding to Strangers” is up at Joshua Liner Gallery in New York, until December.

artist painter painting tiffany bozic confiding to strangers
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17.11.10 by Jeff

Jacqueline Norheim

Paintings by Jacqueline Norheim.

artist painter painting jacqueline Norheim
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16.11.10 by Jeff

Georges Eliades

Paintings by Georges Eliades. Athens, Greece.

artist painter painting georges eliades
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11.11.10 by Jeff

Dena Schuckit

Paintings by Dena Schuckit.

artist painter painting dena schuckit
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