09.08.12 by Jeff

Serena Cole

Artist painter Serena Cole
Mixed media works by Serena Cole.

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08.08.12 by Jeff

Brendan Monroe

Artist painter Brendan Monroe
New paintings by Brendan Monroe. This first one is a collaboration with Mario Martinez (Mars-1).

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07.08.12 by Jeff

Lu Cong

Artist painter Lu Cong
Paintings by Lu Cong.

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07.08.12 by Jeff

Jaqueline Cedar

Artist painter Jaqueline Cedar
Paintings by Jaqueline Cedar.

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06.08.12 by Jeff

Markus Akesson

Artist painter Markus Akesson
Paintings by Markus Akesson.

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02.08.12 by Jeff

Aaron De La Cruz / Agenda

Aaron De La Cruz is killing it out here in Long Beach. Also, thanks to Brandon and Luis for sneaking us into the Santigold/Diplo/Futura party! More photos from our adventure here.

31.07.12 by Jeff

Agenda / Aaron De La Cruz

Agenda Long Beach with artist Aaron De La Cruz
I mentioned before I’ve been working with the good folks at Flexfit, rounding up artists for the Agenda shows. A couple weeks ago I went out to New York with Luke Ramsey, Office Supplies Inc, and Mark Warren Jacques and today I’m jumping on a flight to Long Beach.

Agenda Long Beach with artist Aaron De La Cruz
For this event I’ve asked my friend Aaron De La Cruz to fly out and do what he does best. I’ll be using my “secret” personal blog to post images straight off my phone, so you can follow along here.


30.07.12 by Jeff

Dhehee Lee

Artist painter Dhehee Lee
Paintings by Dhehee Lee.

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