02.07.10 by Jeff

Brendan Flanagan

Paintings by Brendan Flanagan.

artist painter painting brendan flanagan
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01.07.10 by Jeff

Sebastian Vallejo

Paintings by Sebastian Vallejo.

Artist painter Sebastian Vallejo
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30.06.10 by Jeff

Michael Yaikel

Paintings by Michael Yaikel.

Artist Michael Yaikel painter painting
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25.06.10 by Jeff

Cody Cochrane

Paintings by Cody Cochrane. Toronto. (Showing at The Cheaper Show!)

Artist painter Cody Cochrane
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24.06.10 by Jeff

Alejandra Knoll

Paintings by Alejandra Knoll.

Artist painter Alejandra Knoll
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23.06.10 by Jeff

Zoe Pawlak

Paintings by Zoe Pawlak. Vancouver.

zoe pawlak artist painter painting
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21.06.10 by Jeff

Santiago Salvador

Paintings by Santiago Salvador.

santiago salvador artist painter painting
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21.06.10 by Jeff

Kelly Lynn Jones

Paintings and collages by Kelly Lynn Jones.

kelly lynn jones artist painter painting
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