09.07.14 by Jeff

Sam Falls


Paintings by artist (and photorapher) Sam Falls. More below.

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09.07.14 by Jeff

Cameron Orr


Paintings by Scotland-based artist Cameron Orr. More below.

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08.07.14 by Jeff

Gabriela Cobar




Paintings by artist Gabriela Cobar. Found via July Submissions.

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07.07.14 by Jeff

Irene Alfaro


Paintings by artist Irene Alfaro. Found via July Submissions. More below.

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07.07.14 by Jeff

Adam Lupton


This Friday, July 11th, artist Adam Lupton is doing something here in Vancouver I’ve never really seen before; he’s having two solo painting shows open at two different galleries. Positive Negative will host his show “What’s In Store For Me In The Direction I Don’t Take?” and right around the corner Gam Gallery will host his other show “Not Everything That Goes Around Comes Back Around”.

Take a look at a selection of work from both shows below.

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04.07.14 by Jeff

Josep Moncada


Paintings by artist Josep Moncada. More below.

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03.07.14 by Jeff

Michelle Morin


Paintings by New Hampshire-based artist Michelle Morin. More below.

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02.07.14 by Jeff

Rebecca Bird


Paintings by Brooklyn-based artist Rebecca Bird. More below.

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