27.02.14 by Jeff

Hannah Hill


Paintings by New York-based artist Hannah Hill. Found via February Submissions.

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26.02.14 by Jeff

Gaël Davrinche


Paintings by artist Gaël Davrinche. More below.

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26.02.14 by Jeff

Laura Rokas


Drawings and paintings by Laura Rokas. More below.

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25.02.14 by Jeff

Shunsuke Taira


Paintings by Shunsuke Taira.

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24.02.14 by Jeff

“My White Trash Family” Paintings on Discarded Beer Cans by Artist Kim Alsbrooks


For the past ten years Philadelphia-based artist Kim Alsbrooks has been painting miniature portraits on trash. Her series “My White Trash Family” began when she became interested in historical biases in art, and specifically portraits painted during the watercolor on ivory era (17th-18th century).

Alsbrooks finds trash that has already been flattened on the street, and chooses a portrait to fit each specific piece of trash. She gessoes them, draws the image in graphite, paints with oils and varnishes.

Have a look at a selection of her paintings below.

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24.02.14 by Jeff

Nicole Duennebier


Paintings by Boston-based artist Nicole Duennebier.

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21.02.14 by Staff

Bryan Brown

paintings by Bryan Brown

Love these absurd paintings by Bryan Brown! See more below.

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19.02.14 by Staff

Ricardo Fernandez Ortega

paintings by Ricardo Fernandez Ortega

Paintings by artist Ricardo Fernandez Ortega. See more below!

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