28.05.14 by Jeff

Karl Pilato


Paintings by artist Karl Pilato. More below.

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27.05.14 by Jeff

Louise Zhang


Paintings by Sydney-based artist Louise Zhang. More below.

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27.05.14 by Jeff

Federico Herrero


Paintings by artist Federico Herrero. More below.

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26.05.14 by Jeff

Cristina Troufa


Paintings by Portuguese artist Cristina Troufa. More below.

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26.05.14 by Jeff

Marlon Wobst


Paintings by Marlon Wobst. More below.

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25.05.14 by Jeff

Erik Olson


Paintings by artist Erik Olson, previously featured here. More below.

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22.05.14 by Jeff

Zlatan Vehabovic


Paintings by artist Zlatan Vehabovic. More below.

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21.05.14 by Jeff

“The Talk of the Sea”


In a couple days (this Friday) two canoes will embark from Hawaii on a historic three year journey around the world, using only the sun, wind, waves, and stars to guide them. Polynesian Navigators will attempt to circumnavigate the world in a sacred canoe, Hokule’a (the canoe that legendary surfer Eddie Aikau lost his life trying to save), and its sister canoe Hikianalia.

Artist Kamea Hadar and young artists from the POW! WOW! School of Art and 808 Urban painted a beautiful mural to commemorate this event. The painting depicts Papa Mau Piailug, a master navigator from the island of Satawal, Micronesia.

Watch the video below.

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