02.12.14 by Jeff

Kelsey Henderson


Paintings by Brooklyn-based artist Kelsey Henderson. More below.

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28.11.14 by Jeff

Daniela Campins


Paintings by California-based artist Daniela Campins. More below.

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27.11.14 by Jeff

Animation: New York at Night in 3,454 Oil Paintings


Here’s a hand-painted rotoscope animation by Zachary Johnson, featuring 3,454 oil paintings, with music by The Sea The Sea. Watch the animation below.

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27.11.14 by Jeff

Sven Kroner


Paintings by Germany-based artist Sven Kroner. More below.

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21.11.14 by Jeff

Michelle Fleck


Paintings by San Francisco-based artist Michelle Fleck (previously featured here). Several of these works are up on Buy Some Damn Art right now. See more below.

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20.11.14 by Jeff

Anna Madia


“Sleepwalking”, paintings by artist Anna Madia. More below.

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18.11.14 by Jeff

Charlie Roberts


Paintings by artist Charlie Roberts. More below.

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17.11.14 by Jeff

Graeme Berglund


Paintings by Vancouver-based artist Graeme Berglund. More below.

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