20.03.09 by Jeff

Kelsey Brookes paintings

Recent work by painter, Kelsey Brookes (former scientist). San Diego.

kelsey brookes painter artist painting
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19.03.09 by Jeff

Sam Songailo

Abstract paintings by Sam Songailo. I stuck that last image in there for the sake of scale.

sam songailo painter painting
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18.03.09 by Jeff

Aaron Noble is rad.

I love Aaron Noble’s work! I posted about him in April, again in September, and have mentioned him here and there since. B/D just put up a great little artist profile on him. Super hero comics in a blender! Enjoy.

17.03.09 by Jeff

Juliana Romano

Paintings by Juliana Romano.

juliana romano painter painting
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16.03.09 by Jeff

Frank Gonzales

Paintings by Frank Gonzales. Interesting style, almost like the image is glitching and creating little artifacts like video compression.

frank gonzales, painter, painting
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10.03.09 by Jeff

Clare Rojas

Colourful gouache paintings by Clare Rojas.

clare rojas illustration illustrator artist art
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10.03.09 by Jeff

Yuri Shimojo

Diggin’ these paintings by Brooklyn/Tokyo/Hawaii-based, Yuri Shimojo. Are you allowed to live in all three of those places at once? I am sure there is a law preventing an artist’s living conditions from being that awesome.

yuri shimojo painter artist painting
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27.02.09 by Jeff

Esther Pearl Watson

I love these paintings by Esther Pearl Watson! Growing up, her father liked to build huge flying saucers out of scrap metal and car engines, and now her father’s hobby lives on in her work. I have always loved the idea of Calvin and Hobbes in that, Calvin is the only one who sees Hobbes as a living tiger. These paintings capture that same kind of thing – giant scraps of metal from one point of view, and yet hovering all around town from another.

esther pearl watson painter painting illustration
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27.02.09 by Jeff

Julienne Hsu

Paintings by Julienne Hsu. Something about them reminds me of an artist I featured some time ago, Steve Kim.

julienne hsu painter painting artist
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