16.02.09 by Jeff

Betsy Walton

I love Betsy Walton’s work.

betsy walton illustrator illustration drawing painter painting
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16.02.09 by Jeff

Masakatsu Kondo

There’s a little hint of magic in these paintings by Masakatsu Kondo.

masakatsu kondo painting painter art artist
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15.02.09 by Jeff

Kounosuke Kawakami

Surreal landscapes by Kounosuke Kawakami.

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13.02.09 by Jeff

James Aldridge

Paintings by James Aldridge.

james aldridge painter painting
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11.02.09 by Jeff

Erika Somogyi

Paintings by Erika Somogyi.

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11.02.09 by Jeff

Becca Mann

Becca Mann’s paintings are inspired by found photographs. Fantastic use of negative space in these.

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10.02.09 by Jeff

Leah Tinari

Paintings by yet another RISD grad, Leah Tinari.

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09.02.09 by Jeff

Claire Scully

Beautiful drawings and paintings by Claire Scully. How many birds do you see here?

claire scully the quiet revolution painting drawing artist typography

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09.02.09 by Jeff

John Copeland

I was introduced to John Copeland’s work a few years ago when I bought a great book called Drawing From Life: The Journal As Art.

john copeland painting painter drawing illustration artist

I visited his site this week, and I was surprised to see how different his recent work is compared to his work from a few years ago. It’s still pretty dark.

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