31.03.09 by Jeff

Oliver Vernon

I’ve posted about Oliver Vernon before. I really like his gouache paintings. He has a show opening on Friday, at Meta Gallery in Toronto.

oliver vernon painting painter artist
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26.03.09 by Jeff

Carles Gomila

Paintings by Carles Gomila. Spain.

carles gomila painter painting artist
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24.03.09 by Jeff

Stina Persson

Illustrations by Stina Persson. Sweden.

stina persson fashion illustration illustrator drawing watercolor paint ink
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20.03.09 by Jeff

Kelsey Brookes paintings

Recent work by painter, Kelsey Brookes (former scientist). San Diego.

kelsey brookes painter artist painting
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19.03.09 by Jeff

Sam Songailo

Abstract paintings by Sam Songailo. I stuck that last image in there for the sake of scale.

sam songailo painter painting
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18.03.09 by Jeff

Aaron Noble is rad.

I love Aaron Noble’s work! I posted about him in April, again in September, and have mentioned him here and there since. B/D just put up a great little artist profile on him. Super hero comics in a blender! Enjoy.

17.03.09 by Jeff

Juliana Romano

Paintings by Juliana Romano.

juliana romano painter painting
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16.03.09 by Jeff

Frank Gonzales

Paintings by Frank Gonzales. Interesting style, almost like the image is glitching and creating little artifacts like video compression.

frank gonzales, painter, painting
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10.03.09 by Jeff

Clare Rojas

Colourful gouache paintings by Clare Rojas.

clare rojas illustration illustrator artist art
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