22.01.09 by Jeff

Matt Leines

Ink and watercolour work by Matt Leines.

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22.01.09 by Jeff


Colourful paintings by Alexone.

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21.01.09 by Jeff

Beastie Boys Inspired Artwork!

Under The Influence is an all Beastie Boys inspired artshow currently showing at Gallery 1988 (7020 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles) until January 29th! If you don’t live in the area, head over here for a taste of the glory! I especially dig these first two, by Andrew Hem.

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20.01.09 by Jeff

Charmaine Olivia

A deer wearing gym socks by Charmaine Olivia.

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20.01.09 by Jeff

Marcus Jansen

My eyeballs nearly fell right outta my head when I saw these oil painting/collages by Marcus Jansen. They remind me a bit of Ian Francis’ work.

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20.01.09 by Jeff

Lisa Romero

I have mentioned numerous times that I eventually want to illustrate a children’s book and when I got a bunch of ideas when I saw Lisa Romero’s doodles.

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19.01.09 by Jeff

Mr Jago

Saw some work on Jago’s site I hadn’t seen before.

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15.01.09 by Jeff

Jacob Magraw

Gouache never looked so good. Paintings by Jacob Magraw.

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15.01.09 by Jeff

Jacob Feige

Oil paintings by Brooklyn-based, Jacob Feige.

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