12.01.09 by Jeff

Mu Pan

Drawings and paintings by Mu Pan.

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12.01.09 by Jeff

Brendan Monroe

Paintings by Brendan Monroe.

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07.01.09 by Jeff

Hope Gangloff

Awesome ink illustrations and acrylic paintings by Hope Gangloff.

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06.01.09 by Jeff

Amy Bennett

Stunning oil paintings by Amy Bennett. At first glance they look like photographs of miniature models, which effectively forces you into an almost God-like point of view of each scene.

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06.01.09 by Jeff

Vanessa Prager

Gorgeous paintings by Vanessa Prager. I love the one with the guy cleaning his ear with a q-tip because that’s my guilty pleasure and the moment is captured perfectly.

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05.01.09 by Jeff

Edward del Rosario

Paintings by Edward del Rosario. I love the bizarre little details and how often there are characters just off the edge of the canvas.

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05.01.09 by Jeff

Ben Tour

Vancouver-based (close enough) Ben Tour is killing it right now! If you are in the Toronto area, head on over to the Meta Gallery (107-37 Mill St.) – Ben’s Electric Orphans show is up from Jan 9 – Feb 15!

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02.01.09 by Jeff

Sage Vaughn

Paintings of wildlife and “wildlives” by Sage Vaughn.

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01.01.09 by Jeff

Robert Hardgrave

Abstract paintings by Robert Hardgrave. Kinda like Picasso, Dali, and Kandinsky rolled into one!

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