16.09.09 by Jeff

Charlie Roberts

Amazing gouache and ink work from Charlie Roberts.

charlie roberts drawing painter painting
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16.09.09 by Jeff

Julienne Hsu

More paintings from Julienne Hsu.

julienne hsu painter painting artist
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15.09.09 by Jeff

Eric Ernest Johnson

Drawings and paintings by Eric Ernest Johnson.

eric ernest johnson drawing painting artist
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15.09.09 by Jeff

Scott Wenner

Paintings by Scott Wenner.

scott wenner artist painter painting
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14.09.09 by Jeff

Shawn Barber

Paintings by Shawn Barber.

shawn barber painter artist painting
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11.09.09 by Jeff

Andrew Gordon

Some new paintings by Andrew Gordon.

andrew gordon australia painter painting artist

Watch him work, below! (video)

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10.09.09 by Jeff

Robin F. Williams

Paintings by Robin F. Williams. Brooklyn.

robin f williams painter painting art artist
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07.09.09 by Jeff

Ian Davis

Paintings by Ian Davis.

artist ian davis painter painting
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