10.03.09 by Jeff

Yuri Shimojo

Diggin’ these paintings by Brooklyn/Tokyo/Hawaii-based, Yuri Shimojo. Are you allowed to live in all three of those places at once? I am sure there is a law preventing an artist’s living conditions from being that awesome.

yuri shimojo painter artist painting
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27.02.09 by Jeff

Esther Pearl Watson

I love these paintings by Esther Pearl Watson! Growing up, her father liked to build huge flying saucers out of scrap metal and car engines, and now her father’s hobby lives on in her work. I have always loved the idea of Calvin and Hobbes in that, Calvin is the only one who sees Hobbes as a living tiger. These paintings capture that same kind of thing – giant scraps of metal from one point of view, and yet hovering all around town from another.

esther pearl watson painter painting illustration
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27.02.09 by Jeff

Julienne Hsu

Paintings by Julienne Hsu. Something about them reminds me of an artist I featured some time ago, Steve Kim.

julienne hsu painter painting artist
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20.02.09 by Jeff

Kristin Elder

Digging these paintings by Kristin Elder. They all seem to have the playfulness and dark undertones of something like Alice in Wonderland.

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20.02.09 by Jeff

Jeff Soto / Time-lapse painting

I’m a big fan of Jeff Soto and was planning to post about his work in the near future and then I saw this great little time-lapse of him painting The Corruption Of Mankind. It’s a 12′ x 5′ piece for his solo show at the Riverside Art Museum. Love it.

via: wooster (who else?)

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19.02.09 by Jeff

David Jon Kassan

Paintings by Brooklyn-based, David Jon Kassan.

david kassan painting painter artist portrait
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19.02.09 by Jeff

Paula Wilson

There’s alot going on in these mixed media paintings by Paula Wilson. Spray paint, oils, inlayed paper, wood block prints, you name it.

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18.02.09 by Jeff

Alex Gross

Paintings by Alex Gross.

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