17.06.10 by Jeff

Josh Keyes

Paintings by Josh Keyes.

artist painter painting josh keyes
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16.06.10 by Jeff

Sabine Finkenauer

Drawings and paintings by Sabine Finkenauer.

Artist painter Sabine Finkenauer
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16.06.10 by Jeff

Joseph Montgomery

Paintings by Joseph Montgomery.

joseph montgomery artist painter painting
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15.06.10 by Jeff

Olivia Gulin

Paintings by Olivia Gulin.

olivia gulin painter painting artist
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15.06.10 by Jeff

Betsy Walton

More amazingness from Betsy Walton.

artist betsy walton
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10.06.10 by Jeff

Art Works Every Time

Beautiful/Decay has gathered 10 artists for a group show called Art Works Every Time! It opens at Synchronicity on June 12th and one of the artists showing is Drew Beckmeyer! Love his work!

drew beckmeyer artist painter
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02.06.10 by Jeff

Megan Dirks

Paintings by Megan Dirks.

Artist painter Megan Dirks
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26.05.10 by Jeff

Matt Leines

Sorry for the lack of updates, I have been in Tokyo! It was a nice surprise to meet Matt Leines in Yokohama. The third photo down is one of my favourites from the entire trip.

artist painter painting drawing matt leines japan yokohama
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