14.07.09 by Jeff

Jeff McMillan

Paintings by Jeff McMillan.

jeff mcmillan painter painting artist pop culture cult movie film
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13.07.09 by Jeff

Justin Goldwater

Drawings by Justin Goldwater.

justin goldwater drawing painting illustration
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10.07.09 by Jeff

Shay Kun

Wonderfully absurd paintings by Shay Kun. The tone reminds me a little bit of Banksy’s work.

shay kun painting painter absurd surreal
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07.07.09 by Jeff

Josh Keyes

Paintings by Josh Keyes. Oakland, California.

josh keyes painting painter drawing oakland california
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02.07.09 by Jeff

Ricky Allman

Paintings by Ricky Allman.

ricky allman painter painting artist
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02.07.09 by Jeff

Brett Amory

Paintings by Brett Amory. San Fran.

brett amory painter painting artist san francisco
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01.07.09 by Jeff

Jennifer Sanchez

Paintings by Jennifer Sanchez. New York City.

jennifer sanchez painter painting abstract nyc
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30.06.09 by Jeff

Scott Listfield

Paintings by Scott Listfield. These make me laugh.

scott listfield astronaut dinosaur
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