24.07.12 by Jeff

Jen Mann

Paintings by artist Jen Mann
“Chromatic Atrophy”, paintings by Jen Mann. Ontario, Canada.

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04.07.12 by Jeff

Kamea Hadar

Artist painter Kamea Hadar
My good friend Kamea Hadar has been hard at work finishing paintings for his solo show at Loft In Space this month. Wish I could be there!

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02.07.12 by Jeff

James Reka

Artist James Reka
New work from Reka!

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28.06.12 by Jeff

Crew Against People

CAP Crew Against People graffiti
If I could join a graf crew it would be CAP. Crew Against People. Possibly the best name for anything ever.

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22.06.12 by Jeff

Ever in Baltimore

Beautiful mural by Nicolás Santiago Romero Escalada aka Ever
A beautiful mural by Nicolás Santiago Romero Escalada, aka Ever.

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06.06.12 by Jeff

Jason Jägel

Artist painter Jason Jagel
Drawings and paintings by Jason Jägel.

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05.06.12 by Jeff

Henrietta Harris

Artist painter Henrietta Harris
Paintings by Henrietta Harris.

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01.06.12 by Jeff

Linden Frederick

Artist painter Linden Frederick
Paintings by Linden Frederick.

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