24.02.12 by Jeff

Pat Perry

Artist painter Pat Perry
Drawings and paintings by Pat Perry.

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21.02.12 by Jeff

Dea Lellis

Artist painter Dea Lellis paintings
Paintings by Dea Lellis. Sao Paulo.

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20.02.12 by Jeff

Andrei Varga

Paintings by Andrei Varga.

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18.02.12 by Jeff

Big Wall

big wall
Woebots, Meggs, Barras, Peap, Jago, De La Cruz. Nuff Said.

16.02.12 by Jeff

Pow Wow / Day 2

Pow Wow hits Kakaako
Day 2: Artists painted all over Kakaʻako.

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15.02.12 by Jeff

Black Herds Of The Rain

Artist painter Conor Harrington Black Herds Of The Rain
A nice little film following Conor Harrington as he paints Ireland.

Watch the film below!

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15.02.12 by Jeff

Rico Blanco

Artist painter Rico Blanco
Paintings by Rico Blanco.

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10.02.12 by Jeff

Andy Curlowe

Artist painter Andy Curlowe
Paintings by Andy Curlowe.

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