28.08.12 by Jeff


Rone White Walls Gallery San Francisco
Rone’s gearing up for a show at White Walls. Watch the video below!

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27.08.12 by Jeff

Samantha Bittman

Artist painter Samantha Bittman
Works by Samantha Bittman.

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19.08.12 by Jeff


Artist painter RekaOne
Love this piece in Bristol by Reka, who’s now calling Europe home.

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02.08.12 by Jeff

Aaron De La Cruz / Agenda

Aaron De La Cruz is killing it out here in Long Beach. Also, thanks to Brandon and Luis for sneaking us into the Santigold/Diplo/Futura party! More photos from our adventure here.

25.07.12 by Jeff

Ruth Hardinger

Artist Ruth Hardinger
Works by Ruth Hardinger.

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24.07.12 by Jeff

Jen Mann

Paintings by artist Jen Mann
“Chromatic Atrophy”, paintings by Jen Mann. Ontario, Canada.

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04.07.12 by Jeff

Kamea Hadar

Artist painter Kamea Hadar
My good friend Kamea Hadar has been hard at work finishing paintings for his solo show at Loft In Space this month. Wish I could be there!

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02.07.12 by Jeff

James Reka

Artist James Reka
New work from Reka!

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