13.11.13 by Jeff

ASKEW + Gary Silipa

artists ASKEW + Gary Silipa

Love this collabo piece by my buddy ASKEW ONE and Gary Silipa, for Graffiato. Taupo, New Zealand.

31.10.13 by Staff

Muji Lee

Muji Lee paintings
Paintings by Muji Lee.

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30.10.13 by Staff

Rebecca Adams

paintings by rebecca adams
Black and white paintings by Rebecca Adams.

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08.10.13 by Staff

Ürikmäd × Robert Jung

Ürikmäd × Robert Jung mixed media collaboration
Awesome mixed media collaboration between Ürikmäd and Robert Jung! See more below.

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24.09.13 by Jeff

Meggs paints FareShare

Meggs paints FareShare

Meggs recently joined forces with Good Hood and not-for-profit food rescue organisation, FareShare on a mural for Australia’s largest charity kitchen. Good people, good cause, good vibes. Watch the video below!

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05.09.13 by Staff

Laura Krifka

paintings by laura krifka
Paintings by Laura Krifka.

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03.09.13 by Staff

Michael Ward

paintings by artist michael ward
Paintings by Michael Ward.

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02.09.13 by Staff

Neil Raitt

neil rait paintings patterns

Love the way Neil Raitt approaches pattern in his paintings. See more below!

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