06.01.11 by Jeff

Sam Leach

Paintings by Sam Leach. Melbourne, Australia.

artist painter painting sam leach
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05.01.11 by Jeff

Jaqueline Cedar

Paintings by Jaqueline Cedar.

artist painter painting jaqueline cedar
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04.01.11 by Jeff

Jon Fox

Paintings by Jon Fox.

artist painter painting jon fox
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23.12.10 by Jeff

Seth Armstrong

Paintings by Seth Armstrong.

artist painter painting seth armstrong
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23.12.10 by Jeff

Lesley Vance

Paintings by Lesley Vance.

artist painter painting lesley vance
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16.12.10 by Jeff

Lisa Hamilton

Mixed media drawings by Lisa Hamilton.

artist painter painting lisa hamilton
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08.12.10 by Jeff

Siobhan McClure

Paintings by Siobhan McClure, currently showing at Richard Heller.

artist painter painting siobhan mcclure
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07.12.10 by Jeff


“Horror Vacui”, wall painting by Erosie. Completely unrelated to the photo series by Sherwin Tibayan, a few posts down.

horror vacui painting by erosie

Watch the time lapse video below!

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