19.08.09 by Jeff

Amanda Wachob

Paintings by Amanda Wachob.

amanda wachob painter painting artist
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19.08.09 by Jeff

Jeana Sohn

Paintings by Jeana Sohn. Los Angeles.

jeana sohn painter painting los angeles
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17.08.09 by Jeff

Michael Dotson

Paintings by Michael Dotson. Washington DC. I thought maybe these were 3D renders but I found a video of Dotson’s process.

michael dotson washington dc artist painter painting acrylic abstract
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12.08.09 by Jeff

Erik Mark Sandberg

Hairy Children Portraits by Erik Mark Sandberg. Los Angeles.

erik mark sandberg hair children portraits painting painter
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11.08.09 by Jeff

Chrystal Chan

Paintings by Chrystal Chan. California.

chrystal chan painting painter artist bay area california
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05.08.09 by Jeff

Julian Duron

Paintings by Julian C. Duron. Brooklyn. Fantastic style!

julian c duron painter painting artist new york brooklyn
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04.08.09 by Jeff

Anna Emilia Laitinen

Paintings by Anna Emilia Laitinen. Finland.

anna emilia laitinen painter painting artist drawing
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03.08.09 by Jeff

Michael Page

Paintings by Michael Page. San Francisco. Love these! For some reason they remind me a bit of Katy Horan’s work. Their styles are totally different but maybe it’s the folky-magic themes?

michael page painter painting art san francisco
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29.07.09 by Jeff

Rachel Bone

Paintings by Rachel Bone.

rachel bone painter painting artist
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