18.06.09 by Jeff

Kim Dorland

Paintings by Kim Dorland. Toronto.

kim dorland painter painting toronto
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16.06.09 by Jeff

Tasha Kusama

Paintings by Tasha Kusama.

tasha kusama painter painting artist
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16.06.09 by Jeff

Melissa L. Bolger

Drawings by Melissa Bolger. Oakland, California.

melissa bolger drawing illustration painting artist
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15.06.09 by Jeff

Nate Frizzell

Paintings by Nate Frizzell. Los Angeles.

nate frizzell painting painter artist
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08.06.09 by Jeff

Anna Pantchev

Anna Pantchev (you may remember this work) has some brand spankin’ new work and a show opening June 11th at Barbershop Gallery – 1718 Queen West, Toronto.

anna pantchev barbershop gallery painting painter toronto
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03.06.09 by Jeff

Henry Gunderson

Paintings by Henry Gunderson.

henry gunderson painter painting illustration
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02.06.09 by Jeff

Alex Asher Daniel

Gorgeous paintings by Alex Asher Daniel.

alex asher daniel artist painter painting
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01.06.09 by Jeff

Brian Donnelly

Show & Tell Gallery is a gallery in Toronto and our newest sponsor! They have a bunch of great exhibitions lined up, among them is painter Brian Donnelly. This painting below reminds me a lot of Miguel Calderon’s work (made famous in The Royal Tenenbaums).

brian donnelly painting painter show and tell gallery
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28.05.09 by Jeff

Alex Lukas

Drawings by Alex Lukas. Philly.

alex lukas drawing painting mixed media gouache
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