29.01.14 by Jeff

James Kudo


Paintings by artist James Kudo. Brazil. See more below.

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28.01.14 by Jeff

Andrew Patterson-Tutschka


Paintings by Andrew Patterson-Tutschka. See more below.

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27.01.14 by Jeff

Winston Chmielinski


Paintings by artist Winston Chmielinski. More below.

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27.01.14 by Jeff

Yoshiko Fukushima


Paintings by artist Yoshiko Fukushima based in Kyoto, Japan. See more below.

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27.01.14 by Jeff

Xiong Yu


Paintings by artist Xiong Yu. More below.

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24.01.14 by Jeff

Naomi Okubo


Paintings by artist Naomi Okubo, born in Tokyo, Japan. I am her biggest fan (albeit also her newest). Really wish I’d found her work sooner. Lots more below.

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23.01.14 by Jeff

Sangram Majumdar


Paintings by Sangram Majumdar, born in Kolkata, India, and now living and working in Brooklyn, New York.

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