17.09.14 by Jeff

Meghan Howland


Paintings by Maine-based artist Meghan Howland. Previously featured here. More below.

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17.09.14 by Jeff

Liu Guangguang


Paintings by Chinese artist Liu Guanguang. More below.

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17.09.14 by Jeff

Siobhan McBride


Paintings by artist Siobhan McBride. More below.

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16.09.14 by Jeff

Morgan Blair


Paintings by Brooklyn-based artist Morgan Blair. Previously featured here. More work below.

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12.09.14 by Jeff

Ivan Alifan


Paintings by OCAD student Ivan Alifan, previously featured here. More below.

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11.09.14 by Jeff

Henrietta Harris


Drawings and paintings by Auckland, New Zealand-based artist Henrietta Harris. I previously featured her work here and here. More below.

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08.09.14 by Jeff

Ryan Browning




Paintings by Doha, Qatar-based artist Ryan Browning. More below.

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05.09.14 by Jeff

Paintings by Ian Francis


Paintings by artist Ian Francis, whose show “Endless Summer” opens at The Outsiders in London today. See more paintings below.

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