23.01.14 by Jeff

Benjamin Garcia


Paintings by artist Benjamin Garcia. See more below.

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20.01.14 by Jeff

Carmelo Blandino


Paintings by Florida-based Carmelo Blandino. More below.

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16.01.14 by Jeff

Rebecca Chaperon “Eerie Dearies” (26 Ways To Miss School) Book Giveaway


My friend Rebecca Chaperon gave me two signed copies of her new book “Eerie Dearies”, featuring a painting for each letter of the alphabet. I’m keeping one book, and I’ll give the other one to anyone willing to come get it from me (meaning someone in, or close to, Vancouver).

Have a peek inside the book below. If you wanna snag the book leave a comment with a sentence about your favourite letter of the alphabet.

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16.01.14 by Jeff

Victoria Roth


Paintings by Victoria Roth.

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16.01.14 by Jeff

Polina Soloveichik


Paintings by Berlin-based artist Polina Soloveichik. More paintings below, and a little video profile too.

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16.01.14 by Jeff

Sarah Ball


Paintings by Sarah Ball, South Wales. More below.

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15.01.14 by Jeff

Matthew Palladino


Paintings by artist Matthew Palladino. More below.

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14.01.14 by Jeff

Juan Ford


Paintings by Melbourne-based artist Juan Ford. More below!

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