01.10.14 by Jeff

Michelle Tourikian


Paintings by artist Michelle Tourikian. Found via our September Submissions. More below.

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30.09.14 by Jeff

Lina Tharsing


“Making A New Forest”, oil paintings by Lexington, Kentucky-based artist Lina Tharsing. Found via September Submissions. More below.

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30.09.14 by Jeff

Michael Bennett


Paintings by Berlin-based artist Michael Bennett. Found via the September Submissions. More below.

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29.09.14 by Jeff



New works by Meggs, from “Spoiled Rotten”, his recent solo show in Detroit. 1xRun is selling prints of the work from the show. Lots more below.

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29.09.14 by Jeff

Dean Monogenis


Paintings by artist Dean Monogenis. More below.

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26.09.14 by Jeff

Tyler Keeton Robbins


Drawings and paintings by Kelowna, British Columbia-based artist Tyler Keeton Robbins. I met Tyler this past week and he is the real deal – insanely talented and extremely friendly (the best combination). He is pretty unknown at this point but his first solo show “Weak Stimuli” opens on October 3rd at Catalog Gallery, so I’m sure that will change pretty quick. If I had to pick an emerging artist to watch, this is the guy.

Peep lots more of Tyler’s beautiful work below. (And come to his show!!!)

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25.09.14 by Jeff

Frohawk Two Feathers


Paintings by Chicago-born, LA-based artist Umar Rashid, better known as Frohawk Two Feathers. More paintings below.

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22.09.14 by Jeff

Martine Johanna

MartineJohanna 01

Paintings by artist Martine Johanna, from her solo show “The Grand Illusion of Sanity” which is up right now at Walls Gallery in Amsterdam. See more paintings below!

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