30.12.13 by Jeff

Paper Works by Artist Lisa Hochstein

works by artist lisa hochstein made from salvaged paper

Works by artist Lisa Hochstein made from salvaged paper. See more below!

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01.08.13 by Jeff

Paper sculpture by Thomas Voillaume

Paper sculpture by Thomas Voillaume

Here’s a cool time-lapse of Thomas Voillaume building a two metre tall paper sculpture in his home. He uses a 3D program to design it, prints off the pieces, coats them with resin, and builds it up piece by piece. I believe he fills the inside with expanding foam.

Watch the video below!

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31.07.13 by Staff

Diana Beltrán Herrera

artist Diana Beltrán Herrera paper bird sculptures

More of those beautiful paper bird sculptures by my friend, artist Diana Beltrán Herrera! Crazy amount of detail in these. See more below!

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25.06.13 by Staff

Sucre Paper

Sucre Paper
My friend Sophie and her friend Angela are putting out a beautiful little paper called “Sucre”. This first issue features photographer Momomi (featured here). Check out more images of their little publication below!

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20.05.13 by Jeff

Scotty Albrecht

collages by Artist Scotty Albrecht
Found paper collages by Scotty Albrecht.

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22.03.13 by Jeff

Li Hongbo / Flexible Paper Sculptures [Video]

Li Hongbo / Out Of Paper
When I originally posted Li Hongbo’s incredible flexible paper sculptures (see here) I couldn’t figure out how the heck he was creating them. Now, thanks to this video, I know! Incredible stuff. Watch below!

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07.02.13 by Jeff

Amy Wilson Faville

Carts by Amy Wilson Faville
Amy Wilson Faville created this mixed-media series based on actual shopping carts of the homeless in San Francisco’s Mission District. See more below!

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04.02.13 by Jeff

Paper Sculptures by Li Hongbo

Flexible Paper Sculptures by artist Li Hongbo
I saw these over at Colossal and my mind melted. Magnificent accordian-like paper sculptures by Li Hongbo. Watch the videos below!

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