09.11.10 by Jeff


My friends at Caste built a beautiful set entirely out of paper for this music video for “Shutdown” by Ryan Dahle.

ryan dahle shutdown music video

Watch the music video below!

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08.11.10 by Jeff

Daisy Lew

Brilliant pop-up books by designer Daisy Lew.

nyc pop up books by daisy lew designer
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01.11.10 by Jeff

Simone Lourenco

Cut paper works by Simone Lourenco.

artist cut paper simone lourenco
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29.10.10 by Jeff

Scheltens & Abbenes

Beautiful works by Scheltens & Abbenes, photographer Maurice Scheltens and artist Liesbeth Abbenes. Amazing editorial work on their site too!

photographer photography art Maurice Scheltens and visual artist Liesbeth Abbenes
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01.10.10 by Jeff

You Were In My Dream

You Were In My Dream” is an incredible interactive animation project by Isobel Knowles and Van Sowerwine. You get the starring role in the animation (yes, that is my face!) provided you have a webcam. Notice how the shadow even goes over my face!!! Amazing.

you were in my dream interactive stop-motion animation paper
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10.09.10 by Jeff

Lena Wolff

Cut-paper collage works by Lena Wolff.

paper collage artist lena wolff
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29.06.10 by Jeff

Julien Langendorff

Cut paper works by Julien Langendorff.

Cut paper artist Julien Langendorff
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18.06.10 by Jeff

Jacob Whibley

Collages by Jacob Whibley.

jacob whibley artist collage
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03.06.10 by Jeff

Are Mokkelbost

Paper collages by Are Mokkelbost. Oslo, Norway.

artist collage paper are mokkelbost
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