20.02.14 by Staff

Camille Smithwick

pencil illustrations by Camille Smithwick

Drawings by Camille Smithwick. More below.

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03.02.14 by Jeff

Zachari Logan


Pencil and pastel drawings by Zachari Logan. More below.

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03.07.13 by Jeff

Susan Rotondo

Pencil drawings by artist Susan Rotondo
Pencil drawings by Susan Rotondo. Submitted via Tumblr.

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03.01.13 by Jeff

Palomino Blackwing / Giveaway

Palomino Blackwing Pencil Giveaway
Thanks to the folks at Pencils.com I’ve got a beautiful set of Palomino Blackwing pencils, a sharpener, and a notebook to giveaway. Who wants ‘em?

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04.08.11 by Jeff


“Dwellings”, an animation by Aaron Wendel. Over time, two houses slowly destroy each other. I especially like the last sequence.

Dwellings pencil animation by Aaron Wendel

Watch the animation below!

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25.04.11 by Jeff

Stuart Whitton

Pencil drawings by Stuart Whitton.

Drawings by artist Stuart Whitton
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16.03.11 by Jeff

James Bills

“Golden Parachutes”, gold leaf and pencil drawings by James Bills.

gold leaf and pencil drawings by artist James Bills golden parachutes
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26.03.10 by Jeff

Bree Dentice

Pencil drawings by Bree Dentice. More please.

bree dentice pencil drawings art artist
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