12.09.08 by Jeff

William Lamson

I have never met William Lamson but I feel like we would really get along. He takes pictures and makes wonderful little videos, and really seems to enjoy what he does. He has had solo exhibitions all over the world and currently resides in NY. What I like about his work is that there is as much humor to it as there is beauty. Some of them made me laugh and others were surreal to the point they became almost meditative. William was kind enough to upload a few of them to youtube just so I could post about them!

This first video is called Tundra. There is something really beautiful about this piece. It’s so quiet and simple. It’s like haiku poetry for your eyes.

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10.09.08 by Jeff

Elizabeth Weinberg

Elizabeth Weinberg. NYC photographer. Great portraits of musicians and lifestyle shots.

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08.09.08 by Jeff

Thomas Prior

I came across some amazing little moments captured by photographer Thomas Prior and happily discovered he also has a blog… so now I pop over there… way too much.

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19.08.08 by Jeff

Spectacular photos from Beijing.

The Big Picture has some spectacular photos from the opening of the Beijing Olympics. With over 15,000 performers and a budget that made Water World look like my grad film I think it’s safe to say it was the most amazing Olympic opener to date. The fireworks may have been fake but these photos are 100% real.

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07.08.08 by Jeff

Lamya Gargash

Beautiful photos of many soon-to-be-demolished houses in the United Arab Emirates by Lamya Gargash. Love the colors in this series!

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29.07.08 by Jeff

Daily Dose.

I’m always on the hunt for interesting daily photo blogs and there are a surprising number of totally uninteresting ones out there. TopLeftPixel is a great one, though! I got addicted to clicking the “day before” button, I couldn’t stop – see how you do.

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20.07.08 by Jeff

Project #2 – Submissions!

Draw with light! Instructions and submission form here.

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19.07.08 by Jeff

jenerally speaking…

Vancouver represent! Gorgeous photography from Jennilee Marigomen. I like the little details in her shots, like the small cross in this first one.

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