12.04.16 by Staff

Nostalgia of the Day: New Instant Camera Reverse Engineered from Polaroid Technology


For those of you still mourning the loss of Polaroid pictures after the company stopped producing instant film in 2008, you’re in luck! The new I-1 instant camera from Impossible Project is a combination analogue/digital camera reverse engineered from the original technology. While the style of the camera also pays homage to the retro version, it comes with all the latest conveniences: Bluetooth, remote trigger and filters galore. Check out more images below!

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12.02.09 by Jeff

Myoung Ho Lee

I thought it would be interesting to contrast Livingston’s series with the photography of Myoung Ho Lee. Lee uses giant backdrops to abstract the image of the tree, separating it from its environment.

myoung ho lee photographer photography tree backdrop

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11.02.09 by Jeff

Becca Mann

Becca Mann’s paintings are inspired by found photographs. Fantastic use of negative space in these.

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20.01.09 by Jeff

Simon Hoegsberg

Simon Hoegsberg captured 178 people over 20 days standing from the same spot on a railroad bridge in Berlin. Then he put the photos together in what could be the world’s largest panorama (100 meters, yes meters, wide!). The presentation is a bit gimmicky for me but there are some interesting moments captured. Below are a few random crops from the enormous piece.

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