04.11.14 by Jeff

Ibán Ramón


“Bounded Land”, photos by Ibán Ramón. More below.

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03.11.14 by Jeff

Beautiful Photos of the Disgusting Pollution in a New York Canal by Photographer Steven Hirsch


“Gowanus: Off The Water’s Surface” is a series of photos by Steven Hirsch, of the horribly polluted waters in the Gowanus Canal, in Brooklyn, New York. Hirsch boosts the contrast of the images but what you’re looking at are indeed photographs. More images below.

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03.11.14 by Jeff

Alba Yruela


Photos by Barcelona-based photographer Alba Yruela. More below.

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30.10.14 by Jeff

Maciek Jasik


“A Thousand Souls”, photos by Brooklyn-based photographer Maciek Jasik. More photos below.

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29.10.14 by Jeff

Bear Kirkpatrick


“Heirophanies II” photos by Portsmouth, New Hampshire-based photographer Bear Kirkpatrick. See more below.

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29.10.14 by Jeff

Kari Medig


Photos by Nelson, BC-based photographer Kari Medig. More below.

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28.10.14 by Jeff

Jesper Christoffersen


Photos by Copenhagen-based photographer Jesper Christoffersen. More below.

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27.10.14 by Jeff

Cig Harvey


“Gardening at Night”, is an on-going series by Maine-based photographer Cig Harvey. More photos below.

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