01.09.14 by Jeff

Nicholas Hawker


Photos by Nicholas Hawker. More below.

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01.09.14 by Jeff

Jamie Hladky


Photos by Canberra-based photographer Jamie Hladky. More below.

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22.08.14 by Jeff

Takehito Miyatake


I’d seen this image floating around of lightning striking while a volcano is erupting but didn’t know who shot it, and I wasn’t even sure it was real. It was such an epic photo that I could actually hear the theme song to Highlander as I stared at it. It had to be real.

It is real, and thanks to Spoon and Tamago, I can tell you the photographer is Takehito Miyatake. It appears a lot of his work involves capturing the wild natural light of Japan. Take a look at some more images below!

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21.08.14 by Jeff

Instagram Takeover: Kent Andreasen


This week I’m handing over the @Booooooom Instagram to Cape Town-based photographer Kent Andreasen. He has a terrific eye for composition and his portraits are as good as it gets. Please give him a warm welcome as he posts images over the next seven days.


Booooooom on Instagram – @booooooom

Kent Andreasen on Instagram – @kentandreasen

Kent Andreasen’s Website

Kent Andreasen on Tumblr


20.08.14 by Jeff

Jamie Campbell


Portraits by Toronto-based photographer Jamie Campbell. More below.

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18.08.14 by Jeff

Du Yang


Photos by Beijing-based photographer Du Yang. More below.

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18.08.14 by Jeff

Samantha Friend


Photos by New York-based photographer Samantha Friend. More below.

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14.08.14 by Jeff

Li Hui


Photos by Li Hui. More below.

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