18.03.10 by Jeff

Jennifer Zwick

Photos by Jennifer Zwick.

jennifer zwick photographer photography
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17.03.10 by Jeff

Nicholas Alan Cope

Photos by Nicholas Alan Cope. Los Angeles.

photographer photography nicholas alan cope
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12.03.10 by Jeff

Nicholas Lorden

Photos by Nicholas Lorden.

photographer photography nicholas lorden
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11.03.10 by Jeff

Mikaylah Bowman

Photos by Mikaylah Bowman.

Photographer Mikaylah Bowman photography
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11.03.10 by Jeff

Johanna Warwick

Photos by Johanna Warwick.

johanna warwick photographer photography
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10.03.10 by Jeff

Peter Baker

More photos from Peter Baker. Ann Arbor, Michigan.

peter baker photographer photography
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10.03.10 by Jeff

David Wilson

David Wilson sent over a handmade accordion bound edition of 9 to 5, a photo series about becoming a slave to your job.

david wilson photographer photography 9 to 5 series handmade photo book
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09.03.10 by Jeff

Eamonn Harnett

Faces, by Eamonn Harnett.

eamonn harnett photographer photography
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08.03.10 by Jeff

Satomi Shirai

Photos by Satomi Shirai.

satomi shirai photographer photography
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