29.04.11 by Jeff

Pia Riverola

Photos by Pia Riverola.

photographer photography pia riverola
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28.04.11 by Jeff

Alex Kisilevich

“Kallima”, photos by Alex Kisilevich.

photographer Alex Kisilevich photography
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27.04.11 by Jeff

Werner Amann

Photos by Werner Amann.

Photographer Werner Amann photography
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27.04.11 by Jeff

David Semeniuk

“Landscape Permutations”, photos by David Semeniuk.

Photographer David Semeniuk photography
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27.04.11 by Jeff

Somewhere to Disappear

“Somewhere to Disappear” is a film that follows photographer Alec Soth as he documents people who have withdrawn themselves from society. Directed by Laure Flammarion and Arnaud Uytthenove.

Somewhere to Disappear film with photographer Alec Soth

Watch the trailer below!

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27.04.11 by Jeff

Torsten Schumann

Photos by Torsten Schumann. Berlin, Germany.

Photographer Torsten Schumann photography
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25.04.11 by Jeff

Jess Gough

“Heterotopia” photos by Jess Gough.

Heterotopia by photographer Jess Gough
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22.04.11 by Jeff

Chuck Patch

Photos by Chuck Patch. Baltimore.

photographer chuck patch photography
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