18.11.10 by Jeff

Pao Houa Her

“Coming of the Metal Bird”, photos by Pao Houa Her.

photographer photography pao houa her
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17.11.10 by Jeff

Miles Coolidge

Photos by Miles Coolidge. Los Angeles.

photographer photography miles coolidge montreal los angeles
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16.11.10 by Jeff

Daniel Naudé

“Africanis”, photos by Daniel Naudé.

photographer photography daniel naude africanis dogs south africa
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15.11.10 by Jeff

Matt Eich

Photos by Matt Eich.

photographer matt eich photography
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12.11.10 by Jeff

Albrecht Tübke

“Twins”, photos by Albrecht Tübke.

photographer albrecht tubke photography
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11.11.10 by Jeff

Michael Rolph

Photos by Michael Rolph.

photographer photography michael rolph
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11.11.10 by Jeff

Ulrike Biets

Photos by Ulrike Biets. Brussels, Belgium.

photographer ulrike biets photography
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10.11.10 by Jeff

Tracey Baran

Photos by Tracey Baran.

photographer photography tracey baran
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