07.12.09 by Jeff

Michael Donahue

Photos by Michael Donahue. Bordentown, New Jersey.

michael one donahue photographer photography
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04.12.09 by Jeff

Ivo Mayr

Photos by Ivo Mayr. I rarely post this kind of work, mainly because I usually don’t like it. When I came across this first image I spent quite awhile deciding if it was a “real” image or not. I was let down when I learned it was digitally manipulated, and then I realised I didn’t care.

ivo mayr photographer photography artist floating people
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02.12.09 by Jeff

André Santos

Photos by André Santos.

andre santos photographer window photography
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01.12.09 by Jeff

Debbie Tea

Photos by Debbie Tea. The Netherlands.

debbie tea girl portrait photographer photography
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30.11.09 by Jeff

Lara Dhondt

Photos by Lara Dhondt. Antwerp.

lara dhondt photographer photography belgium
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30.11.09 by Jeff

Clayton Cotterell

Photos by Clayton Cotterell. Brooklyn.

clayton cotterell photographer photography christmas tree
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27.11.09 by Jeff

Jenna Popoli

Photos by Jenna Popoli.

jenna popoli car fire photography photo
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27.11.09 by Jeff

Achinoam Alon

Photos by Achinoam Alon.

Photographer Achinoam Alon photography satellite dish
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26.11.09 by Jeff

Carles Rodrigo

Photos by Carles Rodrigo. Valencia.

carles rodrigo photographer photography
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