26.08.10 by Jeff

Ian Stanton

Photos by Ian Stanton. Los Angeles, California.

photographer photography ian stanton
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25.08.10 by Jeff

Emily Shur

Photos by Emily Shur.

Photographer Emily Shur
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24.08.10 by Jeff

Richard Renaldi

“Touching Strangers” is a brilliant on-going photo series by Richard Renaldi. Complete strangers are asked to pose together with the stipulation that they must touch each other in some manner.

Touching Strangers photo series by Richard Renaldi
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24.08.10 by Jeff

Hasisi Park

Pogobooks sent me out a stack of their summer releases, and this one by photographer Hasisi Park is another one of my favourites.

hasisi park pogobooks photographer photography
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23.08.10 by Jeff

Toby Price

Photos by Toby Price.

photographer toby price photography
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23.08.10 by Jeff

Valeria Picerno

Photos by Valeria Picerno. New York.

photographer valeria picerno
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20.08.10 by Jeff

Lukasz Wierzbowski

Earlier this summer Lukasz Wierzbowski released an absolute gem through Berlin-based PogoBooks. Get it while you can.

Photographer Lukasz Wierzbowski book
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19.08.10 by Jeff

Margareth Doorduin

Photos by Margareth Doorduin.

Photographer Margareth Doorduin
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