19.05.14 by Jeff

Graham Miller


Photos by Australian photographer Graham Miller.

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16.05.14 by Jeff

Claudine Doury


Photos by Claudine Doury. More below.

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14.05.14 by Jeff

Instagram Takeover: Alana Paterson


I totally blew it last week, I forgot to mention that my talented friend, photographer Alana Paterson, was taking over the reins of our @Booooooom Instagram account. She did an amazing job, I think it was my favourite takeover so far! Do yourself a favour and go follow her personal account @alanapaterson.

13.05.14 by Jeff

Fergus Padel


Photos by Fergus Padel. More below.

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12.05.14 by Jeff

Philip Lorca diCorcia


Photos by Philip Lorca diCorcia. More below.

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09.05.14 by Jeff

Tim Barber


Photos by New York-based photographer Tim Barber. He is the creator and curator of Time & Space. See more of his personal work below.

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08.05.14 by Jeff

Pi Bartholdy


Photos by Pi Bartholdy. More below.

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07.05.14 by Jeff

Robert Gaudette


Photos by Toronto-based photographer Robert Gaudette. More below.

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