17.04.17 by Jeff

Photographer Spotlight: Andrew Williams

A selection of photos from “Modern American Lostness” by photographer Andrew Williams. More images below.

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14.04.17 by Jeff

Photographer Spotlight: Dan Sully

A selection of photos from “Tokyo Taxi” by London-based filmmaker and photographer Dan Sully. More images below.

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14.04.17 by Jeff

Fiiiirst: Visual Conversations Between Pairs of Photographers

Photo by Valerie Chiang


Fiiiirst is a project by Guillaume Tomasi which orchestrates exchanges between pairs of photographers whose identities are kept secret from one another. One photographer shoots a photo and the other responds to it with a photo of their own. They go back and forth for a couple months and then the results are published and identities are revealed. The images I’ve included here are from an exchange between photographers Valerie Chiang and Olivier Seignette. Have a look at the rest of their conversation below.

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12.04.17 by Staff

Photographer Spotlight: John Zimmerman

Photos by Baltimore, Maryland-based photographer John Zimmerman. Click here for previous posts. See more images below.

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10.04.17 by Staff

Kickstarter of the Day: Too Good To Be Photographed

Johan Rosenmunthe


Too Good to be Photographed offers a collection of photographs, essays and conversations around the topic of photographic failure — that is, the inability of photography to always accurately replicate what we see and our assumptions about what photography should be able to do.

Curated by Lithuanian photographer Paulius Petraitis (aka Paul Paper), who spoke with over 60 artists on the subject, the book will feature more than 150 photographs and 47 artists from around the world. Watch the video below and check out the Kickstarter to learn more.


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07.04.17 by Jeff

Photographer Spotlight: Marten Elder

A selection of work by photographer Marten Elder. His new show “Retinex” opens at Equinox Gallery on Saturday April 8th, as part of Capture Photography Festival here in Vancouver. More images below.

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06.04.17 by Jeff

Photographer Spotlight: Alex S. MacLean

A selection of photos by Alex S. MacLean. More images below.

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06.04.17 by Staff

Photographer Spotlight: Jonny Abraham

Photos by Brooklyn-based photographer Jonny Abraham. See more images from his series “Irene” below.

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