02.09.14 by Jeff

Rickard Aall


Portraits by photographer Rickard Aall. More below.

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02.09.14 by Jeff

“One Of Many” by Photographer Wesley Verhoeve


Photographer Wesley Verhoeve is traveling across the United States to meet creatives in specific cities, listen to their stories, and capture their portraits. He is visiting 12 cities, spending a week in each, and meeting upwards of 30 creatives every time.

The first photo essay has been posted, and it focuses on the creative community in Charleston, South Carolina. See it here.

02.09.14 by Jeff

William Hess


Photos by William Hess. More below.

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01.09.14 by Jeff

Nicholas Hawker


Photos by Nicholas Hawker. More below.

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01.09.14 by Jeff

Jamie Hladky


Photos by Canberra-based photographer Jamie Hladky. More below.

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22.08.14 by Jeff

Takehito Miyatake


I’d seen this image floating around of lightning striking while a volcano is erupting but didn’t know who shot it, and I wasn’t even sure it was real. It was such an epic photo that I could actually hear the theme song to Highlander as I stared at it. It had to be real.

It is real, and thanks to Spoon and Tamago, I can tell you the photographer is Takehito Miyatake. It appears a lot of his work involves capturing the wild natural light of Japan. Take a look at some more images below!

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21.08.14 by Jeff

Instagram Takeover: Kent Andreasen


This week I’m handing over the @Booooooom Instagram to Cape Town-based photographer Kent Andreasen. He has a terrific eye for composition and his portraits are as good as it gets. Please give him a warm welcome as he posts images over the next seven days.


Booooooom on Instagram – @booooooom

Kent Andreasen on Instagram – @kentandreasen

Kent Andreasen’s Website

Kent Andreasen on Tumblr


20.08.14 by Jeff

Jamie Campbell


Portraits by Toronto-based photographer Jamie Campbell. More below.

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