23.03.15 by Jeff

Tumblr of the Day: Cars and Bodies


Here’s a selection of terrific photos from “Cars and Bodies”, a series by architect Thomas Cestia, videographer Roman Dussaulx, and photographer Yann Rabanier. More images below.

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09.03.15 by Jeff

Photographer: Sarker Protick


A selection of photos from “Of River and Lost Lands” by Sarker Protick, a photographer born in Dhaka, Bangladesh. More images below.

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08.03.15 by Jeff

Canadian Photogapher: Andrew B Myers


Flawless work by Canadian photographer, Andrew B. Myers, living and working in New York. More images below.

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27.02.15 by Jeff

McNair Evans


A selection of photos from “Confessions for a Son”, a series by San Francisco-based photographer McNair Evans. More images below.

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23.02.15 by Jeff

Pat O’Malley


Photos by photographer Pat O’Malley. More images below.

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30.01.15 by Jeff

Missy Prince


Photos by Portland, Oregon-based photographer Missy Prince. More below.

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27.01.15 by Jeff

Clayton Cotterell


Some really beautiful photography work here by Portland, Oregon-based photographer Clayton Cotterell. More images below.

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27.01.15 by Jeff

Foam Magazine #40 After Araki / Heaven and Hell


In my opinion, the most beautiful photography publication on the planet right now is Foam Magazine (and has been for awhile). There is no one touching them, not even close. This gorgeous issue “After Araki / Heaven and Hell” features contemporary Japanese photographers whose work has been directly influenced by Nobuyoshi Araki.

I took a whole bunch of photos of the issue, and rather than try to describe how amazing it looks I’ll just let you peek inside and make up your own mind. As far as magazines go, it ain’t cheap, but it’s less than you’d spend on any art book.

Thank you to the crew at Foam, the issues you send over are always the highlight of my week. Take a look inside “After Araki / Heaven and Hell” below.

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