22.09.14 by Jeff

Adam Amengual


Photos by Brooklyn-based photographer Adam Amengual. More below.

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19.09.14 by Jeff

Alex Crétey-Systermans


Photos by Alex Crétey-Systermans. Paris, France. More below.

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19.09.14 by Jeff

Dale Rothenberg


Photos by Cleveland, Ohio-based photographer Dale Rothenberg. More below.

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19.09.14 by Jeff

Nika Aila States


Photos by photographer Oakland-based Nika Aila States. More below.

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16.09.14 by Jeff

Book Giveaway: Jennilee Marigomen “Window Seat”


I’m excited for my friend, photographer Jennilee Marigomen, who is set to release her first book entitled “Window Seat” on Friday, September 26th at Make. The delicate images in the book describe a trip to Mexico in a way that only she could. Her work is understated, and I find the quiet beauty she draws out of each little moment intensely personal.

She has kindly offered to give away two signed copies of “Window Seat” to Booooooom readers. What I propose is that you all hop over to her Instagram @jennileem, have a look around, and then come back here and leave a comment about an image from her feed that really speaks to you.

I’ll let her pick a couple winners on the September 25th, the day before her book is released. Have a look at more images of her book below, and remember to leave a comment for a chance to snag a copy.

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15.09.14 by Jeff

Fantastic Timeslices by Photographer Dan Marker-Moore


Incredible timeslice photography by Los Angeles-based photographer Dan Marker-Moore. Timeslices are collages of photographs taken from the same location.


Some of the timeslices represent hours, others minutes. Both of the images above capture the moon rising over LA on two separate occasions. See more of Dan’s beautiful work below!

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11.09.14 by Jeff

Jordan Baumgarten


Photos by Philadelphia-based photographer Jordan Baumgarten. More below.

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10.09.14 by Jeff

Monika Merva


“The City of Children”, photos by photographer Monika Merva. More below.

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10.09.14 by Jeff

Amy Powell


Ohio-based photographer Amy Powell’s beautiful photos of her half-sister Erica, born 20 years after she was. More below.

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