03.03.14 by Jeff

Ute Klein


“Resonanzgeflechte”, a photo series by photographer Ute Klein. She lives and works in London and Berlin. More below.

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28.02.14 by Jeff

Ryan Duffin


Photos by Ryan Duffin. See more below.

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24.02.14 by Jeff

Rumi Baumann


Photos by Rumi Baumann. Found via February Submissions.

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03.02.14 by Jeff

Ester Grass Vergara


Photos by Ester Grass Vergara. Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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03.02.14 by Jeff

Marion Berrin


Gorgeous photos by Marion Berrin. Paris, France. More below.

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03.02.14 by Jeff

Mate Moro and Nora Gyenge


Photos by Mate Moro and Nora Gyenge. When I see collaborative work like this I find it hard to label one a photographer and the other simply a stylist. See more below.

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30.01.14 by Jeff

Instagram Takeover: Pia Riverola


This week our Instagram account has been handed over to my friend photographer Pia Riverola. She recently moved to Mexico City but does quite a bit of traveling so there’s gonna be a bunch of photos from all over the place. Enjoy!


@piariverola on Instagram

@booooooom on Instagram

29.01.14 by Jeff

Joel Tettamanti


Photos by Joel Tettamanti. See more below.

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