18.04.16 by Staff

Collection of Google Earth Anomalies by Artist Clement Valla


Rather than view these Google Earth distortions as glitches in the global mapping system’s algorithm, Brooklyn-based artist Clement Valla considers such occurrences integral to it — drawing our attention to the process rather than the illusion the software is designed to create. Check out more images from Valla’s collection, titled “Postcards From Google Earth”, below!

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15.01.16 by Staff

Incredibly Intricate Woven Photographs by Artist Lala Abaddon


NYC-based Lala Abaddon has a unique process that involves printing off large format photographs, cutting them into hundreds of strips, and weaving them together by hand. The resulting patterns are mesmerizing, and possess an almost pixelated or digital quality to them. Check out more images below!

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23.10.12 by Jeff

Keun Young Park

Artist Keun Young Park
Collages made of torn photographs by Keun Young Park.

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01.09.11 by Jeff

500 people in 100 seconds

“500 people in 100 seconds” holding photos around Israel, by Eran Amir.

500 people in 100 seconds by Eran Amir

Watch the video below!

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13.04.11 by Jeff

Catherine Ulitsky

Works by Catherine Ulitsky.

Artist Catherine Ulitsky
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09.08.10 by Jeff

Justine Khamara

Cut photographs by Justine Khamara. Melbourne, Australia.

justine khamara artist cut photographs installations sculptures
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