22.03.17 by Staff

Photographer Spotlight: David Billet

Images by photographer David Billet. See more below.

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21.03.17 by Staff

“Artifact” by Photographer Delaney Allen

An otherworldly series by photographer Delaney Allen (click here for previous posts). Blurring the line between fact and fiction through abstraction and disguise, see more images from “Artifact” below.

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20.03.17 by Staff

Photographer Spotlight: Kent Andreasen

A selection of recent work by photographer Kent Andreasen from Cape Town, South Africa. Click here for previous posts. See more images below.

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17.03.17 by Jeff

Photographer Spotlight: Chelsee Ivan

Photos by Chelsee Ivan, a Toronto-based photographer originally from Alberta. More images below.

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17.03.17 by Staff

“Considered Accidents” by Artist Daniel Eatock

London-based artist Daniel Eatock has been photographing damaged Fiat cars since April of 2000. Designed by Pininfarina with a purposeful slash above the wheel arch, Eatock’s ongoing archive focuses on vehicles that have complementary (although far less intentional) markings to the same area.

See more images from “Considered Accidents” below. And click here to check out previous posts of some of his other projects.

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16.03.17 by Staff

“Uranium” by Photographer Michał Sierakowski

A beautiful series by Warsaw-based photographer Michał Sierakowski, taken around the Sudetes Mountains, an area with a long and storied history of mining. See more images from “Uranium” below.

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15.03.17 by Staff

Photographer Spotlight: Marilyn Mugot

A gorgeous series by French photographer Marilyn Mugot. See more images from “Night Project” below.

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14.03.17 by Staff

Photographer Spotlight: Michał Narożny

A series of photos taken in countries that used to be subordinate to the ZSRR (aka USSR) by photographer Michał Narożny from Poznan, Poland. See more images from “end of love” below.

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