22.10.14 by Jeff

Gabriela Herman


Photos by Gabriela Herman. More below.

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22.10.14 by Jeff

Christophe Negrel


“Prison”, photos by Christophe Negrel. More below.

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21.10.14 by Jeff

Danila Tkachenko


“Escape”, a series of photos by photographer Danila Tkachenko. “I was traveling in search for people who have decided to escape from social life and lived all alone in the wild nature, far away from any villages, towns or other people.” More below.

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20.10.14 by Jeff

Andrea Gruetzner


“Erbgericht”, photos by Andrea Gruetzner. More below.

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20.10.14 by Jeff

Sebastian Forkarth


Photos by Dortmund, Germany-based Sebastian Forkarth. More below.

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20.10.14 by Jeff

Carlos Jaramillo


“Raised by Rats”, photos by Carlos Jaramillo. More below.

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20.10.14 by Jeff

Ernst Coppejans


“Lutteur”, portraits of boys in Senegal training on the beach, hoping to one day become famous lutteurs (wrestlers), by Amsterdam-based photographer Ernst Coppejans. More below.

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18.10.14 by Jeff

@Booooooom Instagram Project: #PortraitsandSongs


We’ve been getting so many great submissions to our Instagram project this month. In case you missed it, it’s called “Portraits and Songs” and the instructions are simple: Share a portrait you took of someone, pair it with a song title/artist, and tag it #portraitsandsongs. I will be re-gramming submissions to @booooooom all month long!


The images above (clockwise from the top left):

“Here Comes The Sun” – The Beatles, Portrait by @saraheiseman

“Black Water” – Timber Timbre, Portrait by @brittanycalla

“October” – Broken Bells, Portrait by @cleogoossens

“Temporary View” – SBTRKT, Portrait by @thistimemachine