08.04.11 by Jeff

Jonathan Snyder

“Treasure Hunters” photos by Jonathan Snyder.

photographer jonathan snyder photography
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08.04.11 by Jeff

Adam Ekberg

Photos by Adam Ekberg.

photographer adam ekberg
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08.04.11 by Jeff

Jason Fulford

Photos and other things by Jason Fulford.

artist photographer jason fulford
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08.04.11 by Jeff

Fredrik Berglund

Photos by Fredrik Berglund.

photographer fredrik berglund photography
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07.04.11 by Jeff

Delaney Allen

Photos by Delaney Allen. Portland, Oregon.

photographer photography delaney allen
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05.04.11 by Jeff

David Kimelman

“Natural Order”, photos by David Kimelman.

photography photographer david kimelman
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30.03.11 by Jeff

Alexander Khudokon

Photos by Alexander Khudokon.

Photographer Alexander Khudokon
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28.03.11 by Jeff

Stephan Tillmans

“Luminant Point Arrays” is a series of photos by Stephan Tillmans, capturing tube televisions the moment they are shut off.

Luminant Point Arrays photos by stephan tillmans
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