01.03.11 by Jeff

Zhengdong Xu

“It is Windy Here”, photos by Zhengdong Xu.

Photographer Zhengdong Xu photography
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01.03.11 by Jeff

Jukka Male

Photos by Jukka Male.

photographer jukka male photography
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28.02.11 by Jeff

Randall Phenning

Photos by Randall Phenning.

photographer randall phenning photography
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28.02.11 by Jeff

Breakfast Club

Breakfast still life arrangements, photos by Museum Studio.

the museum studio breakfast club still life arrangements photos
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23.02.11 by Jeff

Brendan George Ko

Photos by Brendan George Ko. Toronto.

photographer photography brendan george ko
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17.02.11 by Jeff

Andrew Miksys

“Buses” photos by Andrew Miksys.

Bus window photos by photographer Andrew Miksys
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15.02.11 by Jeff

Irina Werning

“Back to the Future”, an amazing series of photos by Irina Werning. People were invited to re-create their old photos.

photographer photography irina werning back to the future re-creations of old photographs
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14.02.11 by Jeff

I love you Agnes Thor!

I was ecstatic to open my mail last week and find this beautiful photo print by Agnes Thor. Thank you Agnes, this is going into a frame!

photographer photography agnes thor sweden