14.02.11 by Jeff

I love you Agnes Thor!

I was ecstatic to open my mail last week and find this beautiful photo print by Agnes Thor. Thank you Agnes, this is going into a frame!

photographer photography agnes thor sweden

11.02.11 by Jeff

Ye Rin Mok

Photos by Ye Rin Mok. Los Angeles.

photographer photography ye rin mok
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11.02.11 by Jeff

Klea McKenna

“Slow Burn” photos by Klea McKenna. San Francisco.

Photographer Klea McKenna photography
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09.02.11 by Jeff

Bianca Brunner

Photos by Bianca Brunner.

Photographer Bianca Brunner photography
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08.02.11 by Jeff

Yosuke Yajima

Photos by Yosuke Yajima. Tokyo.

photographer photography yosuke yajima
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08.02.11 by Jeff

Philip Cheung

Photos by Philip Cheung.

photographer photography philip cheung
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07.02.11 by Jeff

Hannah Starkey

Photos by Hannah Starkey.

photographer photography hannah starkey
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03.02.11 by Jeff


Album is a beautiful newspaper-sized photography publication based in Offenbach, Germany. Definitely worth tracking down!

Album Magazine photography publication based in Germany
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