08.03.10 by Jeff

Zhengdong Xu

Photos by Zhengdong Xu. Vancouver.

zhengdong xu photographer photography vancouver
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05.03.10 by Jeff

Alessandro Zuek Simonetti

Photos by Alessandro Zuek Simonetti. New York City.

Photographer Alessandro Zuek Simonetti photography
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05.03.10 by Jeff

Rebecca Hinden

Photos by Rebecca Hinden.

rebecca hinden photographer photography
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04.03.10 by Jeff

Jason Lee

Photos by Jason Lee.

jason lee photographer photography
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04.03.10 by Jeff

Sam Plant

Photos by Sam Plant.

sam plant photographer photography
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03.03.10 by Jeff

Nina Ahn

nina ahn photographer photography

Photos by Nina Ahn. Seoul, Korea.

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01.03.10 by Jeff

Luis Sanchis

Photos by Luis Sanchis.

luis sanchis photographer photography
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26.02.10 by Jeff

The Cheaper Show No. 9

I am honored to be working with The Cheaper Show in the coming months as it is one of the best things happening in this city. Here is a peek at the people behind Vancouver’s most exciting art show. A show created by artists for artists.

the cheaper show 9

Watch the video below!

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