09.05.11 by Jeff

Suntag Noh

Photos by Suntag Noh.

Photographer Suntag Noh photography
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05.05.11 by Jeff

Elspeth Diederix

Photos by Elspeth Diederix.

Photographer Elspeth Diederix photography
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05.05.11 by Jeff

Lucas Foglia

Photos by Lucas Foglia.

Photographer Lucas Foglia photography
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04.05.11 by Jeff

Jonathan Levitt

Photos by Jonathan Levitt.

Photographer Jonathan Levitt
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03.05.11 by Jeff

Shooting Gallery

Shooting Gallery is a new project by my good friend Jennilee Marigomen (curator of the best tumblr on the internet). It’s a collection of videos of photographers shooting and talking, and sometimes not talking at all. You can learn so much from just watching a person work.

Shooting Gallery Tumblr by Jennilee Marigomen photographers shooting and talking

Check it out here.

02.05.11 by Jeff

Patrick Tsai

Photos by Patrick Tsai. Tokyo, Japan.

Photographer Patrick Tsai photography
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29.04.11 by Jeff

Carolin Reichert

“Sunset”, photo collages by Carolin Reichert.

Photographer Carolin Reichert
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29.04.11 by Jeff

Pia Riverola

Photos by Pia Riverola.

photographer photography pia riverola
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