28.03.14 by Jeff

Katrin Freisager


Photos by Katrin Freisager. More below.

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24.03.14 by Jeff

Czar Kristoff


Photos by Czar Kristoff. Laguna, Philippines. More below.

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24.03.14 by Jeff

Tumblr of the Day: Ghost Photographs


“Ghost Photographs” little paintings on found photographs by artist Angela Deane. Found via March Submissions. Love these, lots more below.

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24.03.14 by Jeff

Danté Belt


Photos by Danté Belt. Northampton, England. More below.

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21.03.14 by Jeff

Timothy O’Connell


Photos by Timothy O’Connell. San Francisco. More below.

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17.03.14 by Jeff

Sasa Stucin


Photos by Sasa Stucin. Found via Booooooom Tumblr. More below.

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16.03.14 by Jeff

Arseni Khamzin

Arseni-Khamzin _05

Photos by Arseni Khamzin. More below.

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