24.01.11 by Jeff

Paolo Woods

Photos by Paolo Woods.

photographer photography paolo woods
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21.01.11 by Jeff

Vanessa Winship

Photos by Vanessa Winship.

photographer photography vanessa winship
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21.01.11 by Jeff

Alejandra Laviada

Photos by Alejandra Laviada. Mexico City.

photographer photography alejandra laviada
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20.01.11 by Jeff

Francesco Giusti

Photos by Francesco Giusti.

photographer photography francesco giusti
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19.01.11 by Jeff

Olivia Bee

Photos by Olivia Bee.

photographer photography olivia bee
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19.01.11 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Yang Yongliang

cigarette ash landscape sculpture photography installation by yang yongliang

“Cigarette Ash Landscape” an incredible installation by Yang Yongliang. Black and white photographs were cut out and collaged together to create the image of a cigarette dropping ashes into a field of flowers.
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18.01.11 by Jeff

Doug DuBois

photographer photography doug dubois

Photos by Doug Dubois.
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17.01.11 by Jeff

Ed Panar

“Animals That Saw Me”, photos by Ed Panar.

photographer photography ed panar animals that saw me
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