18.11.09 by Jeff

Jerry Hsu

Photos by Jerry Hsu.

jerry hsu photographer photography skateboarder
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17.11.09 by Jeff

Mary Amor

Photos by Mary Amor. Los Angeles.

mary amor photographer photography
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16.11.09 by Jeff

Yann Gross

Kitintale skate park, Uganda. Photos by Yann Gross.

kitintale skate park uganda yann gross photos
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16.11.09 by Jeff

Emilia Bergmark-Jimenez

Photos by Emilia Bergmark-Jiménez.

emilia bergmark-jimenez photographer photography
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11.11.09 by Jeff

Emily Cross

Photos by Emily Cross.

emily cross photographer photography
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11.11.09 by Jeff

Tammy Mercure

Photos by Tammy Mercure. Virginia.

tammy mercure photographer photography
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11.11.09 by Jeff

Leo Postma

Photos by Leo Postma. Delft, Netherlands.

leo postma photographer photography
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10.11.09 by Jeff

Jennilee Marigomen / Interview





Tell me about the last time you wished you had a camera with you, but didn’t.

A man was walking down West Broadway a couple weeks ago, carrying a five foot tall stuffed animal horse on his right side. From far away, it looked like he was riding it!

If you had your camera, would you have stopped the man and asked for a photo? Or would you have tried to capture the image without interfering? Is this something you even think about?

I try not to interfere or make my presence known when taking photos. I think that it’s part of my personality – I like being the observer and listener.

jennilee marigomen photographer photography vancouver

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