06.10.15 by Staff

Kickstarter of the Day: The First Photography Community For Depression & Anxiety


Words are often not enough and The One Project not only understands that, they’ve launched a Kickstarter specifically designed to help those battling depression and anxiety learn how to express themselves through the healing art of photography.

The community-fostering approach also aims to de-stigmatize mental illness. Considering the fact that mental illness affects one in five Canadians (and almost half never seek treatment!) this is definitely a project worth checking out. Watch the full promo video below to learn more.

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05.10.15 by Staff

Amazing “Classroom Portraits” by Julian Germain



A striking series by British photographer, Julian Germain. “Classroom Portraits” (2004-2015) features classrooms from 19 different countries. See more images below!

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01.10.15 by Jeff

Zinester: Giving Marginalized People a Voice Through DIY Magazines


Zinester, a not-for-profit, is on a mission to give marginalized people a voice by teaching them how to make DIY magazines, and using what they create for social change. The group’s 6-week workshop in Nairobi, Kenya effectively taught the kids involved in the program how to express themselves visually, through writing and photography.

You can follow the project on their website, and on Instagram. Have a look at some spreads from their zines as well as a video below!

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29.09.15 by Jeff

Photographer Spotlight: Chiara Goia


A selection of photos of Mongolia by Italian photographer Chiara Goia. More images below.

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28.09.15 by Jeff

Photographer Spotlight: Yelena Yemchuk


A selection of photos from “Troika” by Ukrainian photographer Yelena Yemchuk. More images below.

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28.09.15 by Jeff

Photographer Spotlight: Anna Bauer


A selection of photos from “Brothers” by New York-based photographer Anna Bauer. More images below.

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25.09.15 by Jeff

Photographer Spotlight: Nick Albertson


Rubber Bands 1, 2012

Artist Nick Albertson uses household items like hangers, rubber bands, and napkins to create his photographs. The results are quite painterly and abstract. See more images below.

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24.09.15 by Staff

Homemade Pacifist Bombs by Petros Efstathiadis


Undermining the very concept of bombs, Greek photographer, Petros Efstathiadis, created his own out of various innocuous items like soap, flowers, lightbulbs, and sponges. He then photographed them for a series intended to reflect on real world issues like Greece’s economic crisis and our general global confusion in a playful, absurdist, and child-like way. Check out more images below!

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