02.06.14 by Jeff

Charlotte Dumas


Approximately 100 dogs were sent into the rubble of the September 11, 2001 attacks to search and recover victims trapped under the fallen structures. 10 years later, photographer Charlotte Dumas managed to track down 15 of the dogs still living, and captured them in a collection of portraits titled “Retrieved”. See more below.

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31.05.13 by Jeff

Jason Gowans

Artist Jason Gowans
“Five Landscape Modes”, sculptures by Jason Gowans made from his photos, found negatives, and images from the Internet.

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16.01.12 by Jeff

One Week In Japan

One Week In Japan by Mike Matas
“One Week In Japan”, a 3-minute montage of nearly 4,000 photos shot by Mike Matas and his girlfriend as they travelled around Japan.

Watch the video below!

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04.09.11 by Jeff

twenty-seven names

Love these portraits of Ngahuia Williams for twenty-seven names.

twentysevennames winter 2012 portraits of Ngahuia Williams
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26.04.11 by Jeff

Gabi Rivett

And the award for greatest photo album on Facebook goes to “The Lying Down Game” by Gabi Rivett. Kinda like this but more fun.

The lying down game by Gabi Rivett aka the greatest photo album on Facebook
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20.12.10 by Jeff

Peter Wegner

“Buildings made of sky”, photos by Peter Wegner.

Buildings made of sky photos by Artist Peter Wegner
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11.10.10 by Jeff

Lisa Dahl

Altered photographs by Lisa Dahl.

artist painter painting lisa dahl
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07.07.10 by Jeff

Small Victories / Submissions

Here are the rest of the submission to our Small Victories project. My apologies for taking so long to get these online! In my defense it really does take a long time to scan in each photo by hand, but there’s no excuse! Many of these photos travelled with me to Hong Kong but the size of the gallery dictated the amount of work we could display.

I want to thank everyone who took the time to participate in this project, you’ve all contributed to something really special here! I am excited to continue collaborating with all of you.

booooooom project
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